Pre-wash & wash

All new clothes are prewashed, so everything you receive can be put on immediately.

We use a proven detergent from Persil, with a heavenly fresh smell.

Quality check

Post laundry, all items are inspected for stains, tears, missing buttons etc.

Buttons are closed and the clothes are neatly folded. If we missed a defect on an item, we are happy to send you a replacement.


Items with defects are repaired where possible. We stitch seams and tears back together, sew on buttons that fell off and treat stains professionally.

If something cannot be repaired or is repaired but not any longer fit for rental, it is put into our end-of-use box, where it is sold one last time for an activity involving dirt, color or water :)


We close the buttons of all items, fold them neatly into piles and store them without any plastic bags, to be sent off as soon as possible to the next baby.

Our warehouse is kept dry and clean so whatever you receive is ready to be worn.

Baby laundry at home


Organic cotton can be washed at 30-40 degrees in your washing machine. If there are no to little stains, usually 30 degrees is enough. We would not go over 40, as this can cause the textiles to shrink.

Color-sorting into three piles of light, dark and colorful makes sense, so your nice white bodysuit does not end up rosy.


The Persil detergent we use inhouse is available in retail. There is a sensitive version with no scent at all if your baby has extremely sensitive skin.


With us, you don't need to worry about stains and the usual wear and tear. Everything is insured in our membership.

Babies are babies, so stains happen. We recommend treating them immediately after the incident, so the textile has no time to absorb it. To treat a stain, you wet the stain with water, treat it with Sonett gall soap, wash it out and let it dry, before you wash it normally with the other clothes.


One more reason we use organic cotton (versus linen for example that crinkles very easily) is that there is no need to iron the clothes. Organic cotton should not be ironed anyway because buttons made from recycled materials that could melt under the iron heat.


Store baby clothes in a dry place. We hear so many stories of mold and moths which seriously degrade the quality of your clothes and become a hazard to the baby.

The thing about renting, is that there is no need for storage at all. Just get the fresh clothes you need from us whenever you need them and forget about the piles of outgrown clothes in the cellar.