• Anna Mucha, founder and COO and CPO of OiOiOi - woman with light brown hair and white clothes standing

    Anna Mucha

    CPO and COO

  • Belén Bolliger, founder, CSO and CPO of OiOiOi - woman with shoulder length brown hair and light colored clothes standing.

    Belén Stämpfli

    CMO and CSO

  • Muck Baumann, Customer Success Manager at OiOiOi - dark brown short hair with light striped dungarees

    Muck Baumann

    Customer Success Manager

  • Soline Geist, Marketing content creator - beige/white clothes and long dark blond hair

    Soline Geist

    Content Creator & Social Media Management

  • Leon Goodall Wash & Care specialist at OiOiOi - man with short dark blond hair and white t-shirt and beige pants

    Leon Goodall

    Wash & Care Specialist

  • Mathilde Lecas Buyer & Analyst - white T-shirt and a blue jean and long brown hair

    Mathilde Lecas

    Buyer & Analyst

  • Daniel Zeiden Developer at OiOiOi - man with a blue jean and blue sweater dark black hair and dark beard

    Daniel Zeidan


  • Elisa Bianchini Wash & care specialist holding her little white and clear brown dog Happy - white T-shirt, a white pant and short black hair

    Elisa Bianchini + Happy

    Wash & Care Specialist

  • Michelle Vogelsang

    E-mail & Communication Specialist

Are you ready to try a better way? Live sustainably. Save more.

Not knowing what you need before the baby arrives is stressful and results in a lot of unneccesary purchases. Running around from one second-hand fair to the next to live more sustainably and on a budget resulted tiring and frustrating. We found the quality of high-street fashion was not up for reusing the items for multiple babies...and the list goes on and on. Let's be honest, the result is too much textile waste, too many unnecessarily produced childrens clothes and too little that we give back to earth and workers.

Having young kids is such an intense time. We feel you! We want to release you from searching, sorting, storing and selling. Let us provide you a service instead of more stuff so you can spend some quality time with your little one and live ecologically.

About renting with OiOiOi

Looking for a job opportunity at a Swiss startup in the circular economy full of purpose and perspective - or do you have a feedback about the OiOiOi team?