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You can cover from 25% up to nearly 100% of your baby's wardrobe needs with OiOiOi. Select the starting size for the first bundle delivery. We carry sizes from 44 - 92. If you don't know which size to choose, check out our size guide.

Pay your plan monthly or yearly and choose your start date. We accept all usual credit cards for payment. The first billing is due at checkout, the second billing 1 month after your subscription start date.

You can upgrade or downgrade your monthly plan at every bundle swap.

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Choose from 1000's of high-quality, organic clothes. We work with over 18 sustainable baby & kids clothing brands. Our handpicked collection contains all essentials you need for your little one: Bodysuits, Trousers, Shorts, Onesies, Pyjamas, Cardigans, Hats, Overalls, Jackets, Swimwear and Sleeping bags.

You can make your subscription anytime and choose your preferred subscription start date. 5 days before this date, you will receive access to fill your first bundle. You may also choose to start your subscription immediately if your baby is already here.

All our brands' clothes are resized before they are uploaded to our rental shop, so please stick to one size when filling your bundle.

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Smiling child with brown hair, brown pants and light cardigan from OiOiOi, plays with pots in a silver colour


Your bundle is delivered within 3-5 working days from your order in a reusable pouch with a free return label. Keep both items safe for the return.

Should you not be happy with the clothes or does something not quite fit? Log-in to your member profile and order a free replacement within 10 days of your order.

Normal wear and tear of the clothing is insured in your plan. Use the rented clothes as if they were your own. We want your little ones to feel comfortable and discover the world.

Our basics are made of organic cotton that can be easily washed together with yours, color-sorted at 30-40 degrees. Our wool overalls are marked to be handwashed cold only. Head to our guide for some tips and tricks on washing the rental clothes.

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You can keep the rented clothes as long as they fit your baby in size and season. Ready for a fresh bundle? Log-in to your member profile and swap your bundle. You may swap to the next size anytime and within the same size every 2 months.

You can return your current set as soon as you receive the new one by using the reusable packaging and the enclosed free return label. Clothes do not have to be pre-washed before return :) They will be cleaned professionally by OiOiOi.

You fell in love with a rented piece and want to keep it? Sure thing, request a quote from the bundle in your member profile and we'll make an offer deducting your rental fee.

Lost the return label? Here's our address: OiOiOi AG, c/o Persil Service GmbH, Owiedenfeldstrasse 2, 30559 Hannover

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Man with white t-shirt, dark short hair and light skin color, holding baby with orange hat from OiOiOi in his arms and kissing it.


Returned clothes are washed with an eco-friendly and sensitive detergent, then carefully checked for quality to ensure they meet our standards. If needed they are repaired or sorted for "end-of-rental".

And what happens to the imperfect clothes? We give them another life by selling them to our community for special applications :) like playing outside in the sand or dirt, as replacement clothes at the child care or for creative painting sessions. They shall be used a few last times before honorably concluding their service.

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