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OiOiOi - The circular baby and kids clothing subscription for modern parents

If there is one thing children do it's grow. And they do it fast. So fast that it's hard for mother and mother earth to keep up! 

OiOiOi is revolutionizing the way parents manage a growing babies wardrobe by offering a convenient subscription-based clothing rental service. Founded with the mission to make renting easier than buying, OiOiOi has become a renowned address in the industry within only a few months. Their solution enables parents to easily rent bundles of baby clothes from their favorite brands for a fraction of the purchase price and swap it for the next size whenever their baby has outgrown them. 

By leveraging the circular economy, an OiOiOi customer saves on average between 70-90% of CO2, water and textile waste compared to traditional consumption.

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Two laughing woman: Belén Bolliger and Anna Mucha-  founders of OiOiOi, black white

The OiOiOi story


The two founders Anna Mucha and Belén Stämpfli agree on one thing: when you become parents, you realise how enormously high the consumption of children's clothing is and how difficult turns out to act sustainably. On top of the harm it causes to our planet, there are the financial expenses and the stress associated with the care of a growing baby's wardrobe needs. And then that pile of boxes full of children's clothes... where to put them? There has to be a better way! A more sustainable and convenient one!

Experiencing firsthand how frustrating and stressful it can be to dress a baby sustainably, the two entrepreneurs turned their personal need for a practical solution into a fantastic business idea: OiOiOi A convenient rental subscription for baby and kids clothes that will provide parents with everything they need for their little ones, exactly when they need them and for the time they need them, allowing parents to easily live a more sustainable life without any compromises.

The OiOiOi rental subscription
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In summer 2021, OiOiOi conducted an impact study that revealed the extreme positive impact of renting organic baby clothes. 

Talking numbers: 

OiOiOi has shared over 45'000 pieces of clothing through their circular clothing subscription and saved 35mT CO2 emmissions compared to the standard consumption.

A proud number....and they're counting!! 

The OiOiOi Circular Economy: On one hand, OiOiOi purely sources sustainably produced garments and through this supports ethical farming and production. On the other hand, OiOiOi extends the lifetime of a clothing piece to a multiple through their circular model. 

The OiOiOi impact
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    Belén Stämpfli

Parents kissing baby with light coloured hair and skin on cheaks. Baby wearing green organic babyclothes from OiOiOi

The OiOiOi facts at a glance

- four different bundles with 5-20 clothing pieces of choice

- one fixed monthly fee. That's it.

- free delivery & return

- cancel anytime

- sizes 44-92 for babies from 0-24 months

- choose from 1000's of organic items

- flexible switching of sizes

- wear & tear insured

- soft & comfortable organic cotton

- high-quality baby & kids clothing essentials

- hand-picked sustainable brands

- functional & midwife-recommended clothing

- quality controlled & pre-washed with organic soap

- circular packaging

- save on average 70% vs. buying new

- 73% less CO2 emissions

- 92% less water use

- 93% less textile waste

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